Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Creating A Light Hut to Grow Plants

Have you ever tried to grow plants in your class and they take forever to sprout or nothing happens.  Each classroom is different.  Some classrooms have lots of windows, but they are drafty and too cold.  Other classrooms have one window in a corner.  I have used heat mats in rooms that are drafty.  My budget was never large enough to order heat lamps or mini green houses.  Finally I found something that is inexpensive and works better than anything I have used before.  It is called a light hut.  Not only have I used it with my students, but I plan on using it to start seeds for my garden. are so many ways to investigate plants with a light hut.  See what your students can come up with. 

For already written investigations go to my store.  There you will find a Kindergarten - 2nd Grade book and a 3rd-5th Grade book. Click workbooks below.

Growing Plants in a Light Hut:  Kindergarten, First, and S Growing Seeds and Plants Using a Light Hut for 3rd, 4th, a

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