Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Dare to Dream: TPT Challenge Week 2

Dare To Dream

The challenge for the week is Dare to Dream.  What do we dream for our store?  What are our goals?  We need to think big! 

I probably have way to many goals and aspirations.  This is a great challenge for me to really think of what my goals are for the year to come.  My goals are not only for my TPT store, but for my teaching as well. 

I have two parts of my business.  First, I teach science classes out of my home.  I have many goals for that.  Secondly, I publish investigations and science materials for TPT.  Since both are linked I call them both "Kimberly Scott Science".  I find that my lessons for my students are better thought out if I know I am also going to offer it as a product in my store.  I also find that the products are better because I have taken the time to create them for a lesson I am teaching.  They go hand in hand in making me a better teacher.  Working directly with students and seeing their growth inspires me.  I also am inspired knowing that on any given day a teacher somewhere may be doing one of my experiments with their class.  I can picture the students working on the experiment and having a memorable experience. 

First I will start with my TPT Store.  Now that my kids are in upper elementary school I have the time to focus more on TPT.  I will always be a mom first, but they are much more independent now.  I love that I can also integrate them into my work.  
First,  I would like to add more grade level versions.  In the first challenge, Makeover Madness, I created two other versions of my Glow Stick Journal.  I have several other products like that.  My previous blog describes how those work.  I really would like to do that with many of my investigations.  Science is very different for kindergarteners compared to fifth graders.  The grade level versions give teachers an option on teaching the same concept, but in a developmentally appropriate way.  These journals are my pride and joy. 

Secondly,  I want to continue to inspire teachers to integrate hands-on science.  I plan on accomplishing this by continuing to put activities and ideas on my Facebook page.  I use that often.  I want to blog more about my investigations and activities to help educators feel confident with the activities.  I also want to continue to create investigations and science fair materials that teachers will find useful.  You could probably say that is the goal for my store.

Thirdly, I would like to gain more followers.  I just started networking on TPT.  I realize I should have started that from the beginning.  I was so focused on writing and testing my investigations that I did not have time to network.  I am making sure to set aside time to network with other educators.  I hope this will help me gain followers so they can get access to the latest products and promotions.

Fourthly, I want to learn more about designing webpages.  I updated my blog recently, but it needs more.  I want to do more with gadgets, promotions, and other pages.  I know it will take time to learn, but I will get there. 

Lastly, I want to travel and save for household projects.  The added income will help us take family trips or may be a trip for just my husband and I.  It is Dare to Dream.  I also would like to work towards getting some new furniture and updating the house.  I know in about 5 years I will need new kitchen cabinets. 

Now that I have written this down I realize what big aspirations I have.  I still haven't written my goals for my science classes.  They are integrated in with the above goals, but I also have extra goals with that.  They are listed below.  I won't describe them in detail.

Good luck with any goals you have.  In helping me accomplish a goal come over and check out my Facebook Page.  It is a great way to share science and discuss ideas.  Check out the photo section for ideas.



  1. Great goals! I also want to save up for some big vacations!
    On the Go Teacher Mama

    1. Thanks so much. I am sure I will return to this blog often to motivate me to complete my goals.

  2. I really need to be better about doing more hands-on things in science! I'm heading over to TpT to check out your store!
    The Blessed Teacher

    1. I love doing hands on science. If you want to start integrating more just start out slowly. A good goal is to add on 4 investigations a year. That would be one a marking period. You will be amazed at how doing 4 formal investigations a year expands students knowledge of the scientific method. I also like to do stations. You don't need enough supplies for 25 students just the 5 or so that will be at that station at that time. It helps with prep time.

  3. I love your goals!! I need to get some new products going, too!