Saturday, October 31, 2015

13 Days of Halloween: Why I Love Halloween!

My boys are already this year for Halloween.


Day 13:  Why I Love Halloween

I can't believe I completed 13 blogs in 13 days.  This has been great.  It has made me even more excited for Halloween night.  I also learned how to do more technical things on my blog. 

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Why I Love Halloween!

I try to think of all the reasons I love Halloween.  The main reason is I just think it is fun.  I also thinkit is because I have so many good memories of Halloween.  Isn't that what inspires us as we get older.  Those memorable moments in childhood shape who we become.  As a child my mom would let my brother and I create a summer haunted house in the basement.  We would invite friends over and take over the basement for probably 2 weeks.  The best part was being creative and coming up with ideas.  We always had someone hiding under the pool table.  We would attach pulleys to the ceiling to make the pool sticks move and attach fishing line to pool balls to make them move across the table.  There was a mad scientist demonstrating concoctions.  The phone would rise into the air on a pulley system.  The best part was the tunnel.  We hung things from the top.  We also put half blown up rafts on the floor.  When they crawled through it made them wobble.  Close to the end we had to have a person jump out.  That usually made the kids run out the other way through the tunnel.  When it was all complete we put signs up around the neighborhood and my mom baked cookies.  We charge probably $0.25 and gave all the money to charity.  So much fun.  Today my kids do a summer haunted house.  They are pretty lucky to get to use some of my Halloween yard d├ęcor.  Although, I really liked the way we did it as a kids.  We didn't have all of that Halloween stuff and had to come up with cool ways to make it spooky with what we had. 

When I reached high school I sat on my front porch one Halloween.  I put on my dads boots, baggy clothes, and an old lady mask.  I sat really still on my porch and kids didn't know if I was real or fake.  That was so much fun.  When I would move it would freak them out.  I remember that being one of my best Halloweens.  I was hooked. 

Now I expand my yard every year.  I love the excitement the kids have when they come to my house.  I like knowing that I am creating a memorable moment for them.  I like creating knew things for the yard and costumes. 

I Found the Best Halloween House

Last night my kids and I finally drove over to a house on the other side of our neighborhood.  We heard about it, but didn't know it was this amazing.  I wish I had brought my camera.  The owner of the house told me I could put his website and video on my blog.
This house is amazing.  He makes pretty much everything himself.  The light show and music are awesome.  Talk about inspiring.  I don't think my house will ever be this elaborate.  He doesn't have room to store everything in his house.  I will learn some tips to expand mine for next year.  Be sure to check out the link and video.  It is so worth it.


If you live in the Midland, Michigan area and are interested in science classes please visit:

Have a Happy Halloween!  Time to finish my yard.

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