Saturday, July 30, 2016

Best Resource Ever for Teachers

My most favorite resource ever is a book given to me by my student teaching professor.  Most likely you have heard of it.  Teachers know a lot about writing a lesson plan and their subject areas, but classroom management takes time.  I wish I had a class in college that just taught classroom management.  I was lucky to have great mentors in classroom management.  I learned the importance of getting my room to run itself.  Of course it didn't run itself, but I set it up that way.  Those first few weeks are so important.  Be tough and practice all of the classroom routines and you will have the BEST YEAR EVER!

You know you have succeeded in a well run classroom when you come to class a couple minutes late to find the students quietly doing their work. 
So what is the name of this fantastic book.  "The First Days of School" by Harry Wong.  It will take you through how to manage students coming into your classroom to how to manage homework.  It goes over discipline problems and reward systems.  My first school district even gave all the new teachers a copy.  I then had two copies!!!   It makes a great graduation gift for a teacher.   I am sure you can even find it at the library.   It really is the best resource ever.

Favorite Resources on of my newest products deals with classroom management.  It would go along perfectly with "The first Days of School.  It helps create a better environment when conducting experiments.  Students are going to have to work in groups.  There just are not enough supplies to go around.  In the workplace they will work in groups, so they need to start now.  What I like about this resource is that it gives the students the opportunity to take on real laboratory roles.   The roles are very well defined.   Who wouldn't want to be the Study Director or Principal Scientist.  The resource helps students learn safety skills too.  Worksheets and reading materials are included. 

In the spirit of Harry Wong I included GLP Tickets.  This stands for good lab practices.  When a student is showing good skills I pass them a ticket.  At the end of the semester I draw a certain number of names and they get prizes.  The more times your name is in the bucket the better chance you have of winning.  This worked great when I was the Elementary Science Lab Teacher.  I taught in other teachers rooms and I needed a way to keep order in the class.  When students were working I would quietly pass out tickets.  Students would notice and immediately quiet down and get to work.  Students loved it.  If a class was really good I would give them all a ticket. 

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