Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to School Blog Hop

Back to school season is here.  A great way to start is with a blog hop and giveaway.  Here is how the blog hop works. 
1.  Read my blog. 
2.  Enter the giveaway at the end of the blog
3.  At the bottom of the blog click the link "Next Hop."
4.  Read the next blog.  Different blogs will have different giveaways or a joint giveaway.  Hop your way through all of them and check out their products and tips too. 

The Blog Hop runs from August 15th-August 20th.

The theme of the blog hop is classroom management.  Classroom management is key to a successful year with students.  In science classroom management and lab safety go hand in hand.  Students need to know the rules of the classroom for following instructions.   The goal is for students to learn the correct scientific concept.  Classroom management and organization will help create consistent data.  This means group cooperation.  Students need to follow safety precautions.  If you are a science teacher you have had that lab that just didn't go right or that one group that argued the whole time.  Several groups may have gotten the wrong results and now you are re-teaching the concept.  It happens, it is science.  We have to go with the flow and look at it as a learning experience for students.

How can we create a better experience? Laboratory Practices will help start the year out right.  I am so proud of this science lab management strategy.  It is sure to help create consistent data students can share in class discussions. 
My husband is a toxicologist.  Yes, two science geeks in the house.  He works in clinical labs testing the safety of materials.  Consistent data is a must and procedures must be followed.  Most experiments are for approval from the FDA or EPA. He would always talk about how a lab was a GLP lab.  He would mention that he was taking on as study director or that the QA was coming over to check on things.  I started wondering what are these group roles and would they work in the science classroom.  What exactly is GLP? 

Assigning group roles really helps experiments go more smoothly.  I use to use
roles like Recorder, Gopher( goes for this and goes for that), Measurer, etc.  I thought may be things would go even smoother if I had GLP in my class.  It would be more like a true lab.  GLP stands for Good Lab Practices.  That would make a lot of sense to my students.  So I integrated Good Lab Practices in with science safety and cooperative groups.  Now I don't say. "Follow the safety rules." I say to students "Are you using Good Lab Practices?" 

Students take on the roles of Study Director, Quality Assurance, etc.  The labs go more smoothly, data is more consistent, and clean-up is better.  The terms help them learn about a true lab.  This is a great way to integrate with STEM lessons.  Students take the labs more seriously and it is lots of fun.
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