Tuesday, October 18, 2016

13 Days of Halloween: Burping Bottle

I was teaching a lesson on tornado tubes and wanted to show different ways to use them.  I saw directions for a burping bottle, but didn't have the exact supplies.  I looked at it and realized a tornado tube could work perfectly.  The students really enjoyed it.

Here is the original burping bottle I created.  I also switched it up for Halloween.  Make sure to read the whole blog.  If you don't have a tornado tube that is okay.  I have a solution for that too.

What is happening?   Matter can not occupy the same space.  The bottom bottle is full of air.  The water can not go into the bottle unless some air comes out.  A bubble of air comes up the straw and then  water goes down the straw into the bottle.  Sometimes it starts on its own and other times you have to give the bottle a little squeeze to get it going.  It will continue to "burp" until the water level is the same height of the straw.  The students will enjoy seeing how high the burp goes.

Heres I how I made it.

Place a straw through the hole in the tornado tube.  Fill clay around the straw on both sides of the tube.  It must be air tight.  Make sure the straw does not get squished.  Cut the top bottle so it is a funnel.  Screw both bottles to the tornado tube.  Stand it upright.  Pour water into the top bottle.  Make sure it is over the height of the straw.  It might start on its own or give the bottle a little squeeze.

If you don't have a tornado tube you can use a potato.  Yes, I just said potato.  Cover your finger over one end of the straw.  This will make it easier to poke through the potato.  Use a small potato or cut a piece. Stab the straw through the potato.  Remove the potato piece from inside the straw.  Using your muscles screw the potato to the openings of each bottle.  This is tricky, but you will get an air tight seal.   Add water and use it just like the tornado tube burping bottle.

Create a Halloween Twist.

Add oil into the bottom bottle and colored water into the top.  As the water enters the bottle students will see a bubbling concoction. 

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