Friday, October 14, 2016

13 Days of Halloween: Create a Headless Horseman Costume

We love homemade costumes at my house.  Last year my 8 year old son decided to be a headless horseman.  He wanted to wear the pumpkin head.  We searched Pinterest for lots of ideas.  It took some time to map it out, but once we went to the fabric store it became clear what we wanted to do.

Here is how we did it.

We bought a craft pumpkin at the fabric store.  Some are already hollow.  This one was not hollow, but it looked more real than the others.  You also have to make sure it will fit your child's head.  Make sure to bring them to the store with you.  Or make sure it fits your head. 
This is a great teacher costume.

Digging it out took a while, but it wasn't as tough as I thought.  This pumpkin was full of Styrofoam balls.  I had the vacuum ready for the mess.  I took my time.  Start with a small hole and slowly cut it out bigger.  I constantly tested it on my sons head.  When it was done we carved a circle the size of his head in the top.  This helped to make it a tighter fit.   He also wore a hat to help it stay still.  If you can find a hollow pumpkin I recommend using that.

 Next we drew out the pattern and carved it out.  In this picture you can also see we glued fabric over the eyes.  The Styrofoam balls kept falling out.  We sprayed the inside with lots of Clear Coating.  This helped reinforce the foam.

 The next step is to paint the inside edges of the eyes, nose, and mouth.  Paint works best, but a permanent marker works too.  We used a marker for any touch ups.  My son chipped one of the teeth, so the marker came in handy.
Here is the finished mask.  The fabric over the eyes really helped. 
My son looked through the mouth.

We already had a black cape.  I shortened it for him.  He wore black pants, shirt and shoes.  We had the red vest left over from a pirate costume.  It turned out so well.


  1. WOW! What a great idea for the costume! I love the headless horseman! I'm sure you little guy had a blast!

  2. Thanks so much. It was very inexpensive to make.