Sunday, October 23, 2016

13 Days of Halloween: Flubber Fun

Years ago I made a slime recipe with my kids using psyllium husk.  The name brand is Meta Mucil.  My kids had a blast with it.  It is a little different than gak and slime, but lots of fun.  I call it flubber because it reminded us of the movie Flubber.  We actually watched the movie Flubber the day we made it.

Flubber Ingredients
100% psyllium Husk (Meta Mucil)  It can be different flavors or plain.
Measuring spoon and cup

Flubber Directions
1.  Pour 1 cup of water into the pot.
2.  Turn the stove on high.
3.  Add 1tbs.  psyllium husk.
4.  Using the whisk mix well.
5.  Continue cooking on high and stirring for 8-12 minutes.  The longer you cook it the thicker it gets.  You may want to play around with the cook time to see how you like it best.
6.  Place on a heat safe plate to cool.

Important:  It will be very hot.  It will bubble up so you must stir it constantly.  You will see the water evaporating from it.  Even though some will stick to the pan, clean up was easy.  Just keep stirring. 

I used the orange flavored Meta Mucil.  It made it this strange color.  When it was finish it looked like raw chicken.  You could try other flavors or add some food coloring.

This can also be made in the microwave.   You heat it for 5 minutes.  The only problem with that is you have to stir it every 30 seconds or it will boil over.  The container also gets very hot.  I like making it on the stove.

Add some spiders for a Halloween theme.  This is also great to put in a mystery box for students to touch.

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