Monday, October 24, 2016

13 Days of Halloween: The Magic Bottle

We made it to Day 13.  13 blogs in 13 days has kept me busy.  I have had a lot of fun.  Most of my Halloween decorations are up.  More will go up just before Halloween.  Halloween is such a fun night.  This year I will be hosting a pot luck on Halloween and then all the kids can head out for trick-or-treating.  My husband takes my kids out and I stay home to scare the kids. 

Here is a fun science activity.  Experience a little magic on Halloween.  I wouldn't say it is Halloween themed, but it is a good trick.

Here is a video showing the dribble bottle activity.

This makes fun station activities.  The students start with the first station and then make there way through.  The bottles are inexpensive and they take them home when finished.

Thank you for participating in the 13 Days of Halloween.

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