Tuesday, October 11, 2016

You've Been Booed: 13 Days of Halloween

It is Halloween time again.  Over the next 13 days I will post fun science, craft, and Halloween activities.  There will also be some giveaways, sales, and Linky Parties.  Be sure to check back everyday.  Halloween is my favorite holiday.

Lets start by passing the fun around.  Have you ever been Booed.  This is so much fun.  It can be done in your neighborhood, apartment complex, or even at your school.  This would even be fun for the teachers to do.  Students could get in the fun by helping to drop off the treats to the classroom without being caught.

Here is how it works.

1.  Since you are starting the chain you will boo two people.  Just in case one does not participate.  This will also help it go around faster.  Everyone else will boo one person.  You could also tell them to boo two people.
2.  Print out several copies of the "We've Been Booed"  sign and directions.  I like to include several copies to make it easy for the next person.

3.  Find a craft pumpkin to use to put the goodies in.  Dollar stores work great.  You could also decorate a gift bag like a pumpkin.

4.  Decide what treats to put in the pumpkin.  You could bake something or buy a small bag of candy.  How extravagant you are is up to you.  I like to keep it simple.  You don't want to get too expensive.  We want others to pass it around too.  If you are passing it around a school some Halloween pencils for the class and a bag of candy for the teacher works great.

5.  Place the signs, directions, and treats in the pumpkins.

6.  Deliver the treats to the neighbors without being seen.

7.  After delivery watch to see how many "We've Been Booed"  Signs go up in windows.

Remember you have not been booed.  It is possible that a neighbor may deliver the pumpkin back to you.   When that happens you may place the sign in your window.  Then you get to deliver the pumpkin to another neighbor.  The fun continues until Halloween.

Here are PDF files of the pages.  Just click each image to open and then print.


Remember to come back for the next 13 days for great Halloween fun!

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