Friday, November 25, 2016

Happy Holiday Giveaway

Happy Holidays from Kimberly Scott Science

Every holiday brings opportunities to explore, investigate, and discover the world around you.

Here is one of my favorites.

    Available in 3 grade levels.

Dangling Ice:  A Science Experiment for 4th, 5th, or 6th GradeDangling Ice:  A 2nd/3rd Grade Experiment on Freezing and

 This investigation gives great results.   It makes a perfect science fair project.  There are lots of other variables students can explore when finished.  The cold weather is hear and this is a perfect way to teach about why we use salt on sidewalks and roads.

Entry to win a TpT $10.00 gift card.  Make sure to answer the survey question about your favorite holiday science activity. 

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  1. I teach high school, and we just did the ice cream in a bag-same discussion about salt melting ice!

    1. Ice cream is so much fun. My son did that for his science fair project.

  2. I teach pre-k so we use our 5 senses that remind us of the winter holidays.

    1. 5 senses are great. I like placing different things in Zip Lock bags to see which insulates their hands the best. Feathers, fur, fabric, and even an empty bag. Just place your hand in the bag over ice and see which hand gets colder.