Thursday, October 5, 2017

13 Days of Halloween 2017

Welcome to the 13 days of Halloween.  Halloween is my most favorite holiday.  I love decorating, creating costumes, seeing the trick-or-treaters, fun experiments, and helping to create a memorable moment for the kids in my neighborhood.  Being a science teacher makes it even more enjoyable.

Over the next 13 days I will be posting a blog a day.  Here you will find everything from decorating tips, experiments, deals, promotions, and lesson plans.  Be sure to come back every day to see what is new.

Day 1:  Simple Decorations

October is here.  We need to get in the mood.  I start out by putting up simple decorations and then add more each week.  We will start out simple today and then the more fancy decorations will come in the days ahead.

Buy some gourds, pumpkins, and squash

If you don’t have a lot of Halloween decorations this is a great place to start.  It looks great for fall and adds some color.  This is also fun to do in the classroom.  Later you can have students decorate them as a class craft.  I also switch them out as I bake the different types of squash.

Spider Webs, Spider Webs Everywhere

Bags of spider webs are inexpensive.  Get several bags and find spots around the house or classroom to add a spooky feel.  Don’t forget to get some spiders too.  I don’t add spider webs outside until closer to Halloween.  The leaves stick to them and the wind and rain ruin it before Halloween.

Scary Containers

This is a new one I am going to start doing.  Take rubber masks and place them in vases and tall jars.  Fill the jar with water.  The water will magnify the mask and it will look spooky in the jar.  On Halloween night you could add a glow stick and drop effervescent tablets or dry ice pieces to make it bubbly.  I already set this one up, and want to do more.


Display some tombstones around your house.  It seems every store has them.  My tombstones will go in my graveyard outside, but until then I make use of them inside.   You could also add some spider webs to it.

Simple outside Decorations

The beginning of the month I put some simple things out to get in the mood.  Buy a Halloween rug.  Hang some creatures from hooks in front of the house.  Our yard still needs mowing, so I wait a little bit to put anything in the grass.  I also like to find hay bales and corn stalks.  I still need to get some for the pumpkin patch area of our yard.

Come back tomorrow for more ideas and deals.

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