Monday, October 16, 2017

13 Days of Halloween: Naked Eggs

Day 12:  Naked Eggs
This is a classic experiment.  I posted it several years ago and felt I should highlight it again.  Perhaps you have done it before.  It is great for Halloween and Easter.  Anything slimy for Halloween is fantastic.  Always keep you hands away from your face when working with raw eggs.   

Naked Egg

Raw Egg

1. Carefully place the whole egg in the jar.

2. Pour enough vinegar into the jar that it completely covers the egg.

3. Let the jar sit for 24 hours. (Do not seal the jar with a lid)  You can put it in the refrigerator.

4. Carefully drain the vinegar. Add fresh vinegar and let sit for 1-7 days until the

shell is gone.  I find it doesn't take the full 7 days. ( 3 or 4 )

5. Take out the egg. The egg will be very soft. Rinse off any egg shell that is left.

6. You now have the membrane and the raw egg inside. Can you see the yolk?

What is Happening?
The vinegar is acetic acid.  The egg shell is made of calcium carbonate. The vinegar breaks down the calcium carbonate. Did you see bubbles in the jar?  The vinegar does not react with the eggs membrane.  You are able to see into the egg.  The egg will swell because the membrane is semi-permeable.  That means vinegar is inside the egg.  This reaction is similar to what too much sugar can do to the coating on your teeth. Try with a hard boiled egg or with different types of vinegars.
I loved this video I found on Imagination Station.  I have done the naked egg for years.  I have done it several ways, but I love how he takes it up a notch.  It is a great watch.  I will have to try some of these.

If you have done anything with eggs please leave a comment below.  Eggs are so amazing.

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