Monday, October 9, 2017

Day 5 of 13 Days of Halloween: Skeleton Fun

Time to add some more decorations.  This is a twist on Elf on a Shelf with skeletons.

Last year I set up my small skeletons in the yard.  We had an early snow snowfall and the yard looked so strange with Halloween decorations and snow.  I decided the skeletons needed to have fun with it.  I grabbed my kids sled and some winter hats.  I arranged the skeletons so they were sledding in the yard.  How fun!   That gave me an idea to change what they were doing everyday or every couple of days.  I hope to eventually buy more skeletons.

I had to search for future ideas.  Right away I found an article about a family that goes all out with their skeletons.

Check it out here.  So impressive.

How can I use this in the classroom?

The ideas are endless.  I would get a skeleton or two.  Have the students name them.  Every night change what they are doing.  They could sit at desks.  Raid the teachers desk.  Hang them from the ceiling.  Put them in different costumes.  Make it a writing activity.  The students could write about the skeletons and what they do during the night at school.

Have fun with your skeletons.  I think this a tradition many people are starting.

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  1. Love the spin you have done here! Elf on the shelf is a hit so I can only imagine how popular the skeleton is! Love the idea!

    1. I think students would have a blast. Thanks for the comment and participating in the 13 Days of Halloween. Keep coming back for more. 8 days to go.

  2. I love your 13 Days of Halloween blog posts! Such clever, cute, creative ideas! Thank you for sharing them with all of us.

    1. Your welcome. I hope you will try some of the out. There is still lots more to come. Thanks for participating in the 13 days of Halloween.