Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Making Slime in the Classroom

You have been Slimed!!
Recently a students said, "This is so much fun.  I love it when we get to make a mess."  Messes can be a great part of learning.  Slime is one of those great things.  Perfecting how to maintain classroom management, not making the custodian upset, and having it be hands on can be very intimidating.  Here is a recipe and steps that I think is teacher friendly, as well as giving the students a hands on experience.  The goal is to have your solutions mixed ahead of time and then all the students have to do is mix the two solutions together.  You can have the class help mix the solutions too.  That is all up to how you run your classroom.  In this busy world of teaching it is hard to squeeze in the science, but it is so important.  With a little prep your students can have a wonderful slime experience.

Here are some pictures from a recent class I did this with.  The students worked in groups of 3.  The recipe made enough for each of them to use and take some home.  Check out the recipe below.

 Students enjoy pulling the slime out of the cup.  Yes, it will sound like the noise putty you can buy. The kids of course will say it is farting.


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