Wednesday, October 28, 2015

13 Days of Halloween: Candy Science


Day 10:  Candy Science

We have made it to day 10.  We could eat all of the candy, but candy works great for science.  Here are some great ideas for fun candy science activities.  I also linked to some good sites I found too.

Floating M's and S's

Supplies:  M&M or Skittles Candy
                 Shallow Container
1.  Place the M&M's or Skittles letter side up in the container.
2.  Slowly pour water into the container so it is an inch or so above the candy.
3.  Watch as the candy begins to dissolve.
What Happened:
The water dissolves the candy, but not the letter.  As the candy dissolves the letter peels off and floats to the top.  Sometimes the letter slides under the candy, so make sure to put more than one piece in the container.

Gobstopper Colors

Supplies:  Gobstopper Candies
                 Shallow Container
1.  Place 4 different colored Gobstoppers in each edge of the container.
2.  Pour water into the container to just cover the candies.
3.  Observe the candies dissolving in the water.  Don't shake the table.
What Happens:
Gobstoppers are very brightly colored.  The dye begins to dissolve and color the water.  Because the container is not being shaken or stirred the colors do not mix.  You will get 4 distinct colors in each section of the container.  Eventually they will mix.

Hard Candy Colors

You can do the same thing with other hard candies.  Halloween theme is great.

Supplies:  Different patterned hard candies.   
                  Shallow Container
1.  Place the candy in the center of the container
2.  Pour water into the container.
3.  Observe as the candy dissolves. 
What Happens:
As the candy dissolves it will color the water.  Hopefully you will get pretty designs in the water.

Turn these into an Investigation

To turn any of these activities into an investigation you need to make a change and measure the affects of that change.  What changes can you make and then measure?
1.  The affects of different temperature water on dissolving time.
2. The affects of different types of liquid on the time it takes an "S" to float.
3.  The affects of different types of candy on the number of colors.

Here are some other great links.
Stay tuned for Day 11.
Science fair season is fast approaching.  Halloween science can make great science fair projects.

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