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13 Days of Halloween: Decorating Fun


Day 6:  Decorating Fun

I enjoy decorating for Halloween.  I am one of those houses that tends to go all out.  I am also someone who works on a budget.  It has taken me years to get to where I am at.  Decorations don't need to be that elaborate.  The goal is to make your house special in some sort of way.  I look at it as giving the kids an experience when they walk up to the door.

These ideas could also apply to your classroom if you celebrate Halloween at school.  Get the students in on the fun and turn the class into a fun haunted house or fun house.  Coming up with your own ideas will spark students creativity and problem solving skills.

Ways to Create an Experience

Simple Creatures

I used an old witch decoration.  I added
some left over black netting to a bamboo
pole.  I attached the head.  On Halloween I shine
a light under her chin.
Save old capes and costumes to use for creatures.  Place the costumes on a landscape trellis for support.  Use an old Halloween mask or skeleton head at the top.  Bamboo poles work great to make a place for the head and arms.  Zip ties can be used to hold the poles in place.  On Halloween night place a battery powdered light or glow stick in the mask for an eerie affect. 

Here are two that I created.  Both are supported on a trellis. I pull them out and keep them stored in my basement.

Halloween Music

Playing scary or even fun music during trick-or-treating alone makes your house more exciting.

Craft Spider Webs

Craft spider webs are very inexpensive.  String some on bushes and windows.  Don't forget to add some giant spiders.

Glowing Eyes

Cut eyes in toilet paper rolls, add glowsticks, wait til night, observe and laugh. Muah ha ah ah ha ha: Take empty paper towel rolls and cut out two eye holes in them.  On Halloween night place a glow stick inside and seal the ends with duck tape.  Place the glowing eyes in bushes and trees around your house.  This is a simple and inexpensive craft, but has great affect.


They sell  tombstones everywhere or you could make your own.  The stakes they give you are way too short.  I like to use small tent stakes and skewers in the tombstones.  Just poke them through the bottom at an angle and into the ground. Two or three stakes will support them well.  Cover up the holes with some leaves or mulch.  They are much better supported.  This year my kids took left over wood and made tombstones for the yard.  They painted them and wrote words on them.  They were able to saw, hammer, nail, and paint.  Great things to learn.

Carving Pumpkins

Of course adding pumpkins is always a must.  If you don't have time to carve there are so many craft pumpkins.  Most come with their own light. 

Fog Machine

Three years ago I finally got a fog machine.  Since I shop on a budget I found one after Halloween for half the price.  It gives your house such an eerie look.  A fog machine and music will transform your house.

Dry Ice

If you can get some dry ice it is wonderful. Our local grocery store sells it.  Just remember there are precautions.  You want to make sure wherever you put it the kids can not reach their hand in to touch it.  You can place it in containers inside pumpkins and pour warm water over the top.  It will look like fog is coming out of the pumpkin.  Add some soap and the pumpkin will look like it is foaming.  Here is a great video to dry ice fun.

Dress Up

If you are going to create an experience at your house don't forget to dress up.  It is much better if the person comes to the door in costume.  I like to stand out front on my porch in full costume.

This is me in a headless costume on my front porch.

Don't forget to shop the day after Halloween for supplies.  They will be 50%-75% off.  I don't like to pay full price for anything.  I buy stuff the day after and then store it away for next year.  The following year I open up my bins and remember all the goodies I bought.

Please post your own ideas in the comments.

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