Thursday, October 29, 2015

13 Days of Halloween: Last Minute Costumes



Day 11:  Last Minute Costumes

It is almost time for class parties and you want a simple costume with dramatic affect.  May be you have been the same thing for years and need a change.  Here are a few ideas and links that could help you out.   Since I am a science teacher you could always wear a your lab coat and be a mad scientist.

Create a scary mask


White mask from the craft store
Permanent markers of various colors
Picture of a skeleton or other scary face.


Using the correct colors create the design that is on the picture.  I used pictures of real faces with make up on.  Instead of painting my face I used the markers to create the design on the mask.  That way I have it from year to year. 

This worked great for my son's costume a few years back.  He still has the mask.  I use to paint my face like this, but this is so much

 Hogwarts Professor

Graduation Robe
Witch Hat
Tie and nice shirt
Print out a symbol for Hogwarts to attach to robe
Add a scarf
Just put the costume together.  Check Pinterest for more ideas.

Thrift Store Ideas

On your way home from work stop by the thrift store and see what you find.
Bride (Sometimes you find a wedding dress.)
Prom Queen
Beauty Queen

From things you have at home

Wear your suit and be a banker.  You could pass out fake money all day.
Wear a fancy dress from home and be a beauty queen.
Look through hats at home and see what you come up with.
Put on an apron and bring in some cooking utensils.  Easy chef or baker.

Super simple

Identity Theft
Get a pack of name tags.  Write different names on them.  Attach them all over your shirt.
Static Cling
Using safety pins attach socks and other laundry all over your shirt.

Links that may help.


Thanks everyone for reading my posts.  I am excited that today I get to do Glowing Glow Sticks in a 3rd grade class.  Tomorrow I will be doing elephants toothpaste in a 5th grade class.  So much fun.  Only two more days left.

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