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13 Days of Halloween: Touch and Feel Mystery Boxes


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Day 7:  Touch and Feel Mystery Boxes

Mystery boxes are great at Halloween.  Students put their hand through a hole in a box and touch what is inside.  You label the item as a spooky Halloween item and the students have to guess what the item actually is. 

I like to take this up a notch and bring some more science skills into it.  Through my years of teaching I have found that taking observations is difficult for students.  It takes practice to learn how to write an observation instead of an opinion.  An observation is using the 5 sciences to describe something and an opinion is what you think of something.  Touch and Feel Mystery Boxes are a great way to practice this.


Have students take a sheet of paper and divide it in half.  On the left write "Observations" and on the right write "Opinion."  Students put their hand in the first mystery box.  They must write several observations and several opinions. 



In example number 1 the observations and opinions were for eye balls.  There were peeled grapes in the box.  Number 2 shows observations and opinions for mouse poop.  Rice was in the box.  They can not see the item, but they can draw a picture based on what they felt.

Ideas for the Mystery Boxes

I picked items that take less prep, but still have a big affect.

Mouse Poop = Bowl of Uncooked Rice
Eye Balls = Peeled Grapes
Teeth = Candy Corn or Corn Seeds
Hearts = Canned Whole Tomatoes
Worms= Cooked Spaghetti with a little oil to make them
extra slimy
Tongue = Dried Apricots  (This one is great!)
Witches Warts = Raisins
Ears = Dried Apple Slices
Fingers = Baby carrots
Intestines = Cooked Twisty Shaped Pasta

Making the Box

Lemon Squeezy Home Blog explains it so well.  I like that it shows using a copy paper box.  Schools are full of those.
Have fun exploring with Mystery Boxes.

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