Thursday, January 21, 2016

Inexpensive Science Fair Projects

 Inexpensive Science Fair Projects

A science fair project should never cost a lot of money.  A project can easily be done for under $30.00 including the project board and crafting supplies.  You can probably spend even less.

Tips to Keep it Inexpensive

1.  Come up with an idea from items already in the house.

Use glow sticks from the dollar store.
Explore with salt and ice.

Explore bubbles using household dish soap.

Experiment with your favorite cookie recipe. 

Water is amazing all on its own.

Get some eyedroppers and wax paper and see what it does.

 Explore the absorption or strength of paper towels.

2.  Pick a topic that is about an every day science concept. 

Why do we use salt on sidewalks?

Explore which fruits will float with or without the peel.
Explore a magnets strength.

Take those old Christmas lights and use them to explore electricity.

Make Butter!
Make Ice Cream!










 3.  Get creative with your idea. 

If you have a sled, snow, and a hill you can do a science fair project.  Increase the weight in the sled and measure the distance the sled travels.  Just start with one person in the sled, then two, and then three. 

Test different cat toys to see how long your cat plays with each of them or your dog.

Think of some of your hobbies.  What can you come up with? 

Project ideas are endless.  Anything can be turned into an investigation.

Looking for more help check out these great workbooks.  Teacher, Student, and Parent Tested.

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