Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Inexpensive Science Equipment for STEM Classrooms

Classroom budgets are tight. Science activities require supplies and that can be hard on a tight budget.  I jumped right in as the elementary science lab teacher, but had very little supplies.  The district bought me two science carts and gave me a budget of $500.  That money went fast. I was teaching in two different buildings and had over 600 students.   I had to be creative.  I looked at every lesson to see how I could modify the supplies.  Not everything needed to be the fancy lab tools.  Now I teach independently and that is a tight budget too.  Here are some of my favorite tools to keep on hand.  I try as much as I can to have things I can reuse.  Easy to wash is a must too.  I also keep an eye out at garage sales for vases, baby spoons, glasses, measuring tools, and anything I think has potential.  It is also good to ask for donations.

I always keep mason jars of various sizes.  Easy to wash and can handle different temperatures.  I also like them for measuring.  The clear glass is easy to see through.  They are heavy and don't tip over easily. 


Here are some other items I always keep stocked up.

Baby Spoons
Wax Paper
Eye Droppers
Puppy Pads (for spills)
Laundry Detergent Scoops
Medicine Cups
Petri Dishes
Paint Trays
Plastic Containers ( lunch meat, butter, yogurt)
Baby Soda Bottle Test Tubes

Science Show and Tell: A Growing Collection of Science Dem


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